Care & Storage:
Beans will quickly become wilted/floppy at room temperature, so store them in the fridge, preferably in a sealed container or plastic bag to help keep in moisture and prevent dehydration. Properly kept, they’ll last for about a week or two.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Beans are delicious raw or cooked. Steaming beans until fork-tender is always a delicious and super-easy way to cook them. Try them raw with other veggies for dipping or in your salad. They’re also a nice addition to a mix of roasted vegetables. All beans can be used the same way you’d use regular ‘green beans.’

Tips & Tricks:
Beans freeze well. If you have too many in a given week, simply blanch (briefly boil or steam) what you can’t use, cool them, and put them in freezer bags or containers for use later in fall or in winter.

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