Broccoli Raab (Rapini)

Care & Storage:
Like all greens, store broccoli raab wrapped tightly in a plastic bag; it will keep for about a week to 10 days.

Nifty Info:
Although broccoli is its name, this green is not actually related to broccoli at all. It’s really a type of turnip green! The name comes from the broccoli-type florets you sometimes see in a bunch of broccoli raab. In this growing area there are usually few florets, or none at all, so we might do better to call the green by its more proper name, rapini.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Broccoli raab has a sharp and spicy flavor, which mellows as it cooks. The flavor is somewhat similar to mustard greens, and the two can sometimes be substituted for each other. It’s great to steam or to stir fry/saute and eat plain, or to add to other dishes, particularly Italian foods. It’s also a great addition to egg dishes.

Spring Raab