Care & Storage:
Store carrots in a plastic bag or airtight container in the refrigerator to prevent them from getting soft and floppy. They will keep in this manner for several months. If you ever get carrots with tops, make sure to get rid of the tops right away to discourage development of bitter flavors and prevent wilting.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Our farm fresh carrots don’t need to be peeled - just wash and eat! All colors of carrots can be used in the same way or in the same recipes. Carrots are delicious eaten raw as a snack, chopped or grated into salads, for dipping, or as a coleslaw ingredient. They’re also great cooked (steaming them tends to bring out their sweet flavor), or added to soups, stews, roasted vegetable mixes, or other dishes. This is one versatile vegetable!

Tips & Tricks:
Carrots are easy to freeze: just cut into rounds or sticks, blanch briefly and freeze.

Nifty Info:
Some people wonder why we don’t leave the tops on our carrots after we pick them. Removing the stems after harvest keeps the carrots sweeter - left on, the leafy tops suck sugars out of the roots to try to stay alive. That’s why we cut them off.

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