• We grow a wide assortment of veggies in many different varieties and colors.
  • Most of our gardening is intensively done by hand. We use a tractor for bigger projects like planting, tillage, and laying mulch, but mostly we keep our hands dirty. One tool that makes washing some items easier is our good helper, root crop washer "Beatrix" - in this video seen helping Hannah wash our golden beets.
  • Listed here are the items we're growing this year. They will be available at our farmers' market locations.
  • Click 'more' in each pod to learn about storage and care, easy prep ideas, tricks & tips, varieties, and links to an abundance of recipes for each item!


A spicy, distinctively-flavored bulb used commonly as a flavorful addition to a wide variety of dishes. (more)

Garlic Scapes

The immature flower buds of garlic plants, garlic scapes can be used as a flavoring or as a main ingredient to a wide variety of dishes. They also make a great pesto! (more)