Care & Storage:
As with all greens, kale is best stored wrapped up tightly in plastic; properly kept and refrigerated, it will last up to two weeks.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Kale is good eaten raw in green salads, and many people like using it in green smoothies. It’s also delicious cooked - it’s easy to slice into ribbons and either steam or saute until tender (this will take longer than cooking more delicate greens like spinach and chard - taste-test to determine when it’s soft enough). When sauteing, start with some onions and garlic for flavor, if you like, and then add the greens and some water or broth so they don’t scorch. You can also use kale in the place of collards in any recipe.

Nifty Info:
Don't miss the blog site 365 Days of Kale for a seemingly unlimited number of ways to prepare kale. No excuses - you're bound to find something that everyone likes on that website!

Olympic Red (Red Frilly Kale)
Nero di Tuscana (Dinosaur Kale)