Sponsoring a tree can be a great gift for yourself or your friends and family. A tree also makes a lovely memorial for a friend or loved one, or as a welcoming gift for a new baby. We invite you to help us nurture orchard youngsters as they begin their journey toward adulthood. As the trees grow and bear fruit, you'll know you helped to flavor the future.

Sponsors will receive:

1. A hand-written note card thanking you for being a sponsor, or announcing the gift(s) of a sponsored tree.

2. A digital picture of the sponsored tree.

3. A totebag, hat, or tshirt (your choice!).

4. The name of the sponsor will be added (on an 'apple' or 'leaf') on our farm store display, and be listed in the Tree Sponsors binder.

5. Invitation to our annual "Sponsored Tree Celebration" event in summer or fall, when you can come with family and friends, tour to visit the trees in celebration of those they've been sponsored for. Refreshments and/or lunch will be provided.

Select your sponsorship:

Sponsor a Single Tree for $75 each.

Sponsor a Tree Bundle: 5 trees of your choice for $350 

Sponsor a Partial Row: 10 trees of your choice for $700 (great for gift-giving!)

If any portion of your order is a gift, you'll let us know during the ordering process. As soon as you place your order, we'll email you requesting your recipient's contact information, so we can be sure they get all that a sponsor should!


We're focusing on apple trees for sponsorship. In 2017, we planted a bunch of babies ready for sponsoring. See list below for the names of varieties which were planted and are still young. You can also select a mature tree (see our apples page) for all of the varieties we have.

Varieties planted in the spring of 2017 included:

Alkmene, American Beauty, Berne Rose, Black Twig, Blue Pearmain, Brushy Mountain Limbertwig, Canadian Strawberry, Caney Fork Limbertwig, Cockle (aka Nutmeg Pippin), Crimson Gold, Early Thompson, Fiesta, Golden Nugget, Golden Pearmain, Green River, Guyandotte Pippin, Haurer Pippin, Jonalicious, Kerry Pippin, King of Pippins, Lacy, Lamb Abbey Pearmain, Leslie, Ontario, Prairie Spy, Pixie Crunch, Releika, Scarlet Crofton, Stump, Summer Pearmain, Von Zuccalmaglios Reinette, Yosemite