Veggie Share

2015 Veggie Share

The Veggie Share is a fantastic option for folks who are looking for very fresh and flavorful vegetables.

  • Members sign up and pay for their share, then pick up or receive a weekly assortment of produce at their chosen location during harvest season (starting the beginning of June).
  • The share includes many favorites such as salad greens, beans and tomatoes, as well as some vegetable specialties such as kohlrabi and Romanesco.
  • This delicious slideshow shows examples!

Note: We are no longer taking Veggie Signups for this season 

  • The vegetable share runs for 24 weeks, starting June 5th, through the third week of November.
  • There is a alternating weeks option for those who feel they can't get through a whole share every week.
  • Only available for pickup directly at our farm or via home delivery in the Kennett Square area.
  • On average there are 7-8 items in the share each week, with a range of 6-10 items; enough to feed a family or couple who love their veggies.
  • Your share will contain a wide variety of in-season vegetables grown here on the farm. Specific items will vary throughout the season on a basis of seasonality and availability.

What is the size of a share?

  • The Veggie Share will suit a couple, a small family, or a single who really likes his/her veggies!
  • The share will include a nice assortment each week which will provide opportunities for great variety in the meals which are prepared and served.
  • There are generally about 7 or 8 items in the share each week, although the range is from 6 to 10 items, depending on the whims of Mother Nature!
  • Veggie Share members also have the opportunity to buy extra vegetables if they need them.

What will be in a share?

The specific items which will be in the share varies weekly over the season. Examples of what you're likely to receive over the months include:

  • Mid-June: Arugula, beets, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, shell peas, carrots
  • Mid-July: Lettuce, carrots, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, beans, onions, potatoes, fresh herbs
  • Early September: Lettuce, squash, carrots, tomatoes, edamame, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, peppers
  • Late October: Cauliflower, spinach, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, cabbage, fennel, winter squash, broccoli, fall greens

For a complete list of the vegetables we grow each year, please look here.

  • The pickup locations this year include at our farm in Cochranville and through home delivery in Kennett Square and surrounding areas via Logical Living Fresh Express.
  • There is also a CSA Fruit Share option at these and many other locations.
  • The pickup location at our farm in Cochranville also has add-on CSA options including Bread, Eggs, Mushrooms, Kombucha, and Cheese add-on options. Plus, our farm store will have many of your locally-grown or handmade favorites available as well.

If you are not sure which to choose, please contact us.

Please review the specific share options available at your desired CSA pickup location.

For greatest savings, a weekly share paid in full by check when you sign up is the way to go.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Payment Options

The prices listed below are for payments made by check/cash.
In (parenthesis) is the amount if you choose to pay by credit card (includes a convenience fee).

Veggie Share Prices

Weekly Share: $650 ($668) for 24 weeks of veggies. Pickups start the first week of June.
Home delivery members pay $725 ($747), which includes delivery from Logical Living Fresh Express.

Alternating Weeks Share: $364 ($375) for 13 weeks of veggies. Pickups start the first week of June.
Home delivery members pay $390 ($402), which includes delivery from Logical Living Fresh Express.

Fruit Share Prices

12-Week Share: $260 ($267). Pickups start the first week of August.

15-Week Share: $315 ($324). Pickups start the first week of August.
Home delivery members pay $345 (355), which includes delivery from Logical Living Fresh Express.

17-Week Share: $340 ($350). Pickups start in mid-July. Pricing reflects the fact that the first 2 weeks of this Fruit Share will be of a lighter weight than the remaining weeks, due to the fact that in July only peaches and plums are available.

Alternating Weeks Share: $184 ($190) for 8 weeks of fruit starting the first week of August.
Home delivery members pay $192 ($198), which includes delivery from Logical Living Fresh Express.

Other Options (available at NSO farm pickup only)

Bread Share: 17-Week ($85 matching Fruit Share weeks)($88) or 24-Week Share ($120 matching Veggie Share weeks)($124) for one loaf of hand-crafted bread from Strasburg Bakery (website under development, but you can see Baker Vickiann’s Facebook page for info about Desserts by Vickiann, which we will carry for sale).. Selections will vary weekly and may include flavors such as: crusty sourdough, whole wheat, honey oat, Italian, Rye, Challah, English Muffins, Cheddar Cheese, White, and focaccia in a variety of flavors! Other seasonally-inspired favorites my appear using locally-produced ingredients where possible.
Egg Share Options: Provided by Lindenhof Farm. Enjoy a 24-Week Share $108 ($112), Alternating Weeks Share $54 ($56), or a 17-Week Share $76.50 ($79). One dozen eggs per option chosen (pricing reflects $4.50 per dozen). Sign up on our CSA form.
Kombucha Klub: 15- or 25-Week Share. Prices vary depending how many bottles (1, 2, or 3) you'd like each week (priced at $4.00 per 12oz. bottle). Flavors vary through the season, selected and provided by Baba's BrewSign up on our CSA form.

If you have questions which are not answered here, contact us.

1. Why should I become a member?

  • You'll know exactly where your food is coming from. You will be supporting small-scale local farming and helping to maintain some of the few remaining acres of farmland in this area.
  • Because we are local, your food will be as fresh, ripe, and flavorful as it can be.
  • Receive a weekly email detailing what is in your share each week. Hints and tips regarding use and storage are included, as well as recipes for some of the more unusual items you may receive.

2. Where and when will I pick up my share? 

Consider carefully which of the pickup locations is most convenient for you when you sign up to become a member, being sure you can get to that location weekly during the times specified. Due to the nature of CSA (freshness of the food and delivery logistics etc.), it can be difficult to switch pickup locations or days around.

3. What happens if I can't pick up my share on a particular week?

  • We suggest you have a friend, relative, or neighbor pick up your share.
  • If, for some reason, you cannot pick up your share on a given day, please let us know in advance. In that case, we may be able to arrange a different pickup option for you or double up your share on another week. Or we could donate the share The Chester County Food Bank. Over the past few years, with your help, we have donated over $18,000.00 worth of food and cash to hungry Chester County residents. Thank you!

4. Can I choose which items I get in my share?

  • We will choose the items for you, selecting those we think you will find to be the most enjoyable and interesting.
  • Members who pick up at our farm will have more choices available for their Veggie Share, so they can pick out items more suitable for their family.
  • Selections each week will consist of a balanced mix of what our farm has ripe and ready.
  • You will be able to order extra items when you need them.
  • Farm pickup Veggie Share members will have access to a 'Swap Box' to swap out items they don't like for something they do like.

5. What is my commitment? Am I expected to participate on the farm in any way?

  • We do not require any work commitment from our members.
  • We do ask that you make the financial commitment and pay in advance for your membership. This eases the early-season financial burden for us tremendously.
  • We may ask you for feedback from time to time in a survey or questionnaire. Many of the varieties we grow are either new or heritage varieties. Your comments and preferences will influence the future of what we grow on the farm.
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to buy local. If they are not local to our CSA or farmers' market locations, a great resource for nationwide sources of local food is

6. What happens in the case of a crop failure?

Because we are a diversified farm with a very experienced farmer at the helm, it is highly unlikely that a total crop failure, farm-wide, would occur. Occasionally, certain particular crops or varieties may not do well due to weather conditions such as hail or extreme cold or drought, but where some crops may fail, others often thrive. Diversity is the key to ensuring a good supply of produce through the season.

As a member of a CSA, you are assuming some amount of risk. The threat of total crop failure due to disastrous weather conditions or major pest invasion is there, but unlikely. After growing crops for 25 years without any major failures, we feel confident that the supply of produce you receive will be what you'd expect. However, if we get completely nailed by a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, which literally destroyed fall crops on farms in New Jersey in 2012, we know you will understand that is completely out of our control and we may, in extreme circumstances, not be able to supply what you were expecting.

The 'good years', of which there have been many, more than make up for the occasional 'bad year'. As a member, you join us in sharing that risk.

This is our 10th year offering the vegetable share!

We started the Veggie Share in 2008 to supply members with a wide range of really fresh and tasty vegetables. We grow a number of heirloom varieties and have developed our own varieties of sweet peppers, carrots, beets, tomatoes, and eggplant, so most of our veggies are perfectly suited to our particular soil and growing conditions.

Farmer Ike's experience growing veggies dates back to childhood when he used his mother's garden plot to grow for a local tailgate market. Since then he has kept a garden in various forms and was a Section Gardener at the Longwood Gardens 'Idea Garden', where he grew all sorts of new and heritage vegetable varieties. He and garden manager Kevin (in his third year with us at NSO) love to plan, plant, and grow a wide range of delicious vegetables for CSA members to enjoy.

Are we organic? No, our vegetables are not certified organic. Although we could have the garden certified, we decided that the record-keeping and yearly fees required for organic certification are not worth the time, effort, and expense for us. We'd rather spend our time and money growing great food for you. We use crop rotations, compost, floating row covers, hand weeding, and other OMRI-certified (Organic Material Review Institute) methods in our vegetable production.

(The picture here shows row covers protecting garden crops from insect pests.)

Do we spray? Yes- and so do nearly all fruit and vegetable growers, whether they are certified organic or not. There is a common misconception that organic growers do not spray at all. In reality, most growers following organic guidelines spray organic products to protect their fruit and vegetables. The difference is in what product is applied to the crops, and we follow the organic standards carefully in that regard.

Our farm is abundant with insect, mammalian and avian life, all of which we like to see! (and we've got plenty of naturally-occurring grass and weeds, too)

“Nothing I buy in the store can compare.” -The Cassidy Family, 2015

"I just wanted to send you an email about how happy we are with our Veggie Share! The onions, garlic, tomatoes - I could go on and on...everything has been incredible!" -2011 Member Ann D.

"I liked learning that some things I had previously been scared of or would never buy in the store, turned out to be something I loved. I'm talking about beets!" -2015 Member Nancy W.

"I loved this. I wish I could measure how healthy I was at the start of the season vs. now when I've been eating so many veggies!" -2008 Member

"I was amazed at how much difference there was in the edamame, broccoli and spinach versus store bought." -2008 Member

"I loved the CSA and the fact that I never had to worry if the kitchen was stocked with healthy farm fresh choices for my family. The squash, potatoes and arugula were particularly good." -2015 Member Kathy N.

"Every morsel from your farm is the most flavorful and of the highest quality that I have ever encountered (even the seconds). And all the variety!! All the thought, research, time, scheduling and dedication that you and Ike put into your work is unfathomable! It’s obvious that most of us who know NSO put both of you in high esteem. Those who don’t know of you have yet to be enlightened! You provide us food, grown the way it should be, pure and natural! Many Thanks" -2014 CSA Member Carolyn D.

Please contact us if you have more questions.