Veggie Share

2015 Veggie Share

The Veggie Share CSA will no longer be offered.

To make garden logistics more sustainable AND to provide community members more flexibility and easier participation, we are offering a much simpler membership program instead (available only at our farm store located in Cochranville).

We feel this will be BETTER than our traditional CSA Veggie Share option.... 

  • Enjoy a wider range of produce, with new items coming from local Chester and Lancaster County farms. If we don't grow it, we'll try to get it! Remember Farmer John's awesome sweet corn this past summer?!
  • Convenience: No designated pick-up times other than when we're open!
  • Freedom of Choice! Don't like beets? Now you don't have to take them! Want to OD on tomatoes? Go for it! Allergies and food insensitivities? No problem; pick out things you love which make you feel good!
  • Quantities selected can vary depending on your schedule! If you're away, select less. If you're having a big crowd in for a family reunion, select a lot!
  • No more worries about vacation plans, etc. Skip a week if you want to, or come visit and shop several times a week
  • Choose what you want, when you want it.
  • Enjoy discounts and other perks as you visit the farm store each week.

Learn at all the details about the Farm Friend Membership and join us
We look forward to seeing you and other community friends this season at the farm store!

Please contact us if you have more questions.