Adventures in Flavor!

Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy hundreds of different flavors this season and you'll soon rethink your world of food.

Due to the COVID-19 challenge, we will have in-person AND online ordering options in place for all locations this year.
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  • Visit us seasonally (June through November) at the farm, and local farmers' markets.

    We will have different shopping procedures in place at all locations in order to maintain the health and safety of both shoppers and NSO staff. 

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    Shop on-site or place a pre-order online (will be available at all locations all season long)

  • Pre-order & pre-pay online, then pickup on-site!

    Ordering Windows:
    TUE & WED each week for:  ALL weekend Farmers' Markets, the Farm Store, and Homefields Farm

    SAT & SUN each week for: Oakmont Market and many CSA pickup locations

    (If you are not currently on our email list and visit us at a farmers' market or the farm store, please sign up and we'll keep you posted about ordering at your location)

  • Learn more about hundreds of apple varieties we grow

    Identify any apples you may have gotten which have a number sticker on them

    Explore recipe ideas for apples, peaches, lots of different veggies, and more!


Sweet, tart, juicy, crunchy, crisp, aromatic, rich, scrumdiddlyumptious, slurp, smile!

"Your fruits are wicked good!" -CSA Member Shelly R

“Nothing I buy in the store can compare.” -The Cassidy Family, 2015