Gold Rush Rush

Gold Rush ordering is closed at this time

Ordering for fall of 2023 will begin around mid-October, and you can visit this page again at that time to place an order.

In the meantime, feel free to learn more about this amazing apple!

What are Gold Rush?

The last apple of the year to be harvested, Gold Rush are sweet-tart and have a very complex fruity flavor. They are a bit more tart when they are first harvested, but quickly develop an excellent and unique aromatic sweet flavor after several weeks of refrigeration.

They have a great firm and crisp texture which is a joy to crunch into, and they do not brown very quickly when cut. The rich flavor makes a truly unique and delightfully flavored varietal cider which has a fantastic sweet-tart ratio, making it excellent for drinking fresh or to use for hard cider making.

Gold Rush are excellent for all uses. They are great for out-of-hand eating, and also make prize-winning pies, delicious apple crisps, wonderful applesauce, and are perfect for making dehydrated slices.

This variety was almost discarded because the original breeder felt it ripened too late to be a good commercial variety, but it was saved and has become a very popular variety grown for winter storage, keeping well for many months when properly stored

Apple Care & Storage

Your Gold Rush will come packaged in a heavy-duty 20lb. bag for $45. There are roughly 40 to 50 apples in each bag (talk with some other Gold Rush fans…you’ll honestly go through one bag of Gold Rush in no time at all!).

Storage Tips:

  • The bag Gold Rush comes in is great to use for storage. If you plan to store your apples in that bag, make sure to keep it open a bit at the top, rather than tied shut, to allow the apples to ‘breathe’.
  • Store apples as cold as possible without freezing. The fruit drawer in your fridge works well. Other options included the basement or unheated (but not freezing!) garage or foyer.
  • If you don’t have a lot of refrigerated space, put what you can in the fridge and the others in as cool a place as you have (like the garage). Start using the non-refrigerated apples first. By the time you use them up, the refrigerated apples will be perfectly waiting for you!
  • Stored Gold Rush may start to shrivel over a couple months, but they continue to be great for fresh eating during the winter months. The flavor becomes even sweeter, and the texture remains firm and doesn’t get mealy.
Cider Care & Storage

Varietal Gold Rush cider is fabulous for both drinking (cold or hot and spiced, or spiked) or in cooking. Plus, it keeps beautifully for months in the freezer, so you can enjoy Gold Rush cider lusciousness all winter, spring, and summer!

It is also a premiere hard-cider making varietal which has won awards for customers in home brew competitions. Our cider is pasteurized but there are no preservatives added, so making hard cider is completely do-able!

Storage Tips:

  • Keep your cider refrigerated or frozen (we do not add preservatives to it).
  • Freezing cider is a great way to have it taste fresh and wonderful for Thanksgiving, other holiday celebrations, and all year long.
  • When freezing cider, be sure to pour some out of the top (either to drink or to put in a separate container), as the cider will expand as it freezes.
  • To thaw, simply put the frozen bottle on a plate or in the sink for a day or overnight.