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Have no fear! I, too, felt daunted by winter squash of all kinds. Oh, the time and effort and pre-planning required to use it. And it is SO freakin' hard (sometimes dangerous!) to cut! And how to use it?? Well, fear no more: here’s the super-duper, easy way to start dealing with those fabulous squashes….

As summer begins to wind down, a local native fruit is only just beginning to show signs of ripening. You may not have ever heard of our somewhat obscure resident fruit tree, Asimina Triloba. It’s a fruit that goes by many names: Banango, Asimoya, Indian Banana, Poor Man’s Banana, Prairie Banana, Hoosier Banana, Hillbilly Mango, Quaker Delight, and (most commonly) Pawpaw.

You are in for a real treat as you discover (or re-discover) the Sansa apple. Don't let the smaller and unassuming appearance of this gem fool you.  It is not commercially ‘pretty’, perhaps, with its non-solid pinkishyellowish/lightly russet-y color scheme, so remember the old adage, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. Here at North Star, you are wise to do likewise with fruit appearance.

Every year when the Sansa start coming in, I am reminded of how they also don’t turn brown when cut. Cool!

There may not be much more to be said about Gold Rush that you don’t know already, but we’ll give it a try with a bit of interesting apple history...

You know that stuff you drink in fall that's made of apples? What IS that stuff? Cider? Juice? What's the difference? Ah, welcome, my friend, to the wonderful and wacky world of history, the English language, and modern technology.

Every school child learns the romanticized story of Johnny Appleseed. Every adult (should) know the real story of Johnny Appleseed. That all those seeds he planted were for pressing cider, not eating fresh out-of-hand, and of course, that cider was the hard, alcoholic stuff.

So, back in the day, "cider" meant an alcoholic beverage (there's your truncated history). And in many countries of the world today (here's where the English language comes in), "cider" still means an alcoholic beverage. Which is why we get some mighty interesting questions from time to time from foreigners when they visit our stand and purchase our cider.

Just when you were thinking "Darn it, there's no fun holiday on the horizon until Halloween...", here's some great news: THIS SATURDAY (September 18th) is International Eat An Apple Day! is a real thing to celebrate, is the question? And on such short notice, too! Well, easy peasy; here's a list of SIX easy and delicious ideas!

Taking care of fresh fruit properly can be mighty confusing. Do you put it in a paper bag? In the fridge or out? How do you keep a pile of peaches through the week without them all getting ripe at the same time? 

Have no fear; the answers are here!

Are we organic?

For some folks the word “organic” brings to mind much-despised college classes (think organic chemistry and shudder…).

Then also, this friendly reminder….

Yes, you and I and all fruits and veggies are technically organic organisms composed of many molecules including carbon atoms, which are required to be deemd an “organic organism”

Time and time again, especially with the mask-mandate of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see people struggling to open plastic bags at the market or in the farm store.
Yes, it's true - oftentimes (prior to COVID!), we'd see people employ the old "lick your finger" trick.

Our staff DOES NOT EVER do that!!! (never has - never will), because we know "the trick" to opening those frustrating bags.