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Taking care of fresh fruit properly can be mighty confusing. Do you put it in a paper bag? In the fridge or out? How do you keep a pile of peaches through the week without them all getting ripe at the same time? 

Have no fear; the answers are here!

Are we organic?

For some folks the word “organic” brings to mind much-despised college classes (think organic chemistry and shudder…).

Then also, this friendly reminder….

Yes, you and I and all fruits and veggies are technically organic organisms composed of many molecules including carbon atoms, which are required to be deemd an “organic organism”

Time and time again, especially with the mask-mandate of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see people struggling to open plastic bags at the market or in the farm store.
Yes, it's true - oftentimes (prior to COVID!), we'd see people employ the old "lick your finger" trick.

Our staff DOES NOT EVER do that!!! (never has - never will), because we know "the trick" to opening those frustrating bags.

If the closest you'll ever get to Olympic Gold is by handling your TV remote, then here's an easier way to feel you've won that special crunching into a Golden Supreme apple!

This bright apple is a delight to the tastebuds at this time of year, when you're still thinking peaches, but there's (finally) starting to be a little bit of chill in the air overnight to ease you into true apple season.

Enjoy a bit of spring from NSO!

Sure, Valentine's Day has come and gone, but we're talking about what fires your spirit in a different way on a regular basis!

Yoga? Knitting? Cooking? Homebrew crafting? Art? Book/Discussion groups? Beading? Gaming? Watching movies? Storytelling? Gardening? Crafting?

You know what makes those passions even more fun and rewarding? Sharing the adventure and discovery with others!

When I think of autumn, I always think of apples. I grew up going to apple orchards and apple festivals throughout my childhood – it was our autumn tradition. Now, I work here at North Star Orchard, the “appleiest” place on Earth, and I suddenly have more apples than I know what to do with! Of course, they’re great on their own or dipped in peanut butter, but I wanted to try something new.

When you think ‘apple’, what pops into your mind’s eye?

I can just see it – a dark red, shiny, large fruit…perhaps sitting on the top of a bountiful fruit bowl, the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window reflecting off its polished surface.

Now hopefully those of you who have been our customers or CSA members for awhile might have a different vision! But I bet even a lot of you still picture a nice big red apple, even if it’s not so polished with wax that it gives off its own light.

So, where did this come from? How did our vision of the apple get to be this way?