What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of farming in which the farmer sells harvest shares to customers prior to the start of the season. Individuals who buy shares become CSA members. Shares are then delivered incrementally throughout the season – in our case, on a weekly or alternating week basis (in some locations). CSAs allow the community to support the farmer by paying up front (greatly easing the heavy start-of-season expenses and allowing us to more efficiently and effectively grow our crops), and in return the farmer is committed to the members to bring them the highest quality produce possible throughout the season.

CSA members receive a share of our harvest each week throughout the season. That means really fresh, local, in-season food! We grow a wide range of high-quality vegetables, and an even wider range of unique and heritage varieties of fruit. Our goal is quality and flavor, and we work hard to bring you the best possible produce every week.

CSA member Elizabeth played with her food in 2010. Watch this video to see her creations!

We offer two different share types:

Click on the links to learn more about each share option. Shares are available throughout the season at a variety of pickup locations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Check out this short but pretty slideshow for the basics!

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