Welcome to Adventures in Flavor! Over 300 varieties of apples are here at the farm, in a wide range of colors, sizes, and (most importantly!) flavor. Most of the varieties are either very new or heritage/antique varieties. We will continue to update descriptions and pictures as young trees start producing.

  • Many of our apple varieties are available in limited quantities and will not be available at all farmers' market or CSA pickup location sites.
  • Varieties in very limited quantities, and most available at the farm store, will be stickered either with the variety name or a number, for ease of identification. To identify this year's varieties labeled with only a number, look here.
  • Are you an apple fan? Pick up an "Apple Passport" when you visit and make tasting notes as you enjoy adventures in flavors all through apple season!. 

Adam's Pearmain

Tart to sweet-tart, spicy and aromatic old English dessert apple with a firm moderately breaking texture. ... (more)


Sweet-tart, mildly fruity old Swedish apple with moderately hard and moderately breaking texture and a very short storage life. Named after a town in Sweden. Ripens in late July. Circa 1600-1700.


Sweet-tart with a fruity flavor. A Cox’s Orange Pippin cross from Belgium with a tender, breaking texture, this is a good multi-purpose apple. Ripens in mid-September. Circa 1930.


Slightly tart crab apple hybrid with a full spicy flavor. It has an excellent, breaking, tender texture. Ripens in late September. Recent introduction.


Sweet with a perfumy flavor and a firm breaking texture, this apple was discovered in British Columbia, Canada. Ripens in late September. Circa 1980.

American Beauty

Sweet with a rich spicy flavor. Originally from Sterling, Massachusetts, it has a tender breaking texture. Ripens in early September. Circa 1854.

American Golden Russet

Sweet with a complex aromatic flavor. Originally from New York, it has a firm moderately breaking texture. Classic cider apple also used for fresh eating and drying. Ripens in early October. Circa 1845.

Ananas Reinette

Sweet-tart apple with a complex flavor reminiscent of pineapple and blackberry, first propagated in the Netherlands. Ripens in early September. Circa 1821.

Arkansas Mammoth Black

Origin is unclear. Has a rich flavor with great texture, but is not as black as some black apples. Ripens in mid-October.


Sweet-tart, uniquely fruity apple introduced from Balsgard Fruit Breeding Institute in Sweden. Hard moderately breaking texture. Ripens in mid-August. Circa 1973.

Aromatic Russet

Sweet with a fruity flavor. A dessert apple from England with a firm breaking texture. Ripens in early August. Circa 1850.

Ashmead's Kernel

Sweet-tart spicy apple with a firm, non-breaking texture. Raised from seed planted by Dr. Ashmead, an eminent physician in Gloucester, England, and is a traditional English variety. ... (more)