Many of our pears are heritage varieties which are packed with flavor. You may be surprised to discover how truly excellent pears can be! Once you have tasted some of these varieties, you'll understand why they're so very popular in Europe.

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Blake's Pride

Sweet, with nice texture. Early September.


AKA Harrow Delight. Small fruit with luscious sweet flavor and a smooth buttery texture. Late July.

Harrow Sweet

Very sweet. Mid-October.

Harvest Queen

Very similar to Bartlett, but slightly smaller fruit. Developed by the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Harrow, Ontario. Circa 1982. Early August.


A cross between Giant Seckel and Comice that combines the best of both parents. When fully ripened, this is a wonderfully-flavored pear. Early October.


Similar to D'Anjou. Developed by the USDA and Ohio State University. Very late season. Circa pre-1993. Early October.

Rosata Morettini

A modern variety that tastes as good as it looks! Juicy, luscious, and sweet. Late August.


AKA Sugar Pear. Very small and very sweet, often called Sugar Pear. Can be eaten crunchy or allowed to soften. Introduced from Europe in 1790. Circa unknown - pre-1790. Mid-September.