Many of our pears are heritage varieties which are packed with flavor. You may be surprised to discover how truly excellent pears can be! Once you have tasted some of these varieties, you'll understand why they're so very popular in Europe.


AKA Southern Sugar Pear. An Asian pear-European pear cross.

Blake's Pride

Sweet, with nice texture. Early September.


Excellent dessert quality. Originated in France. Early November.


AKA Harrow Delight. Small fruit with luscious sweet flavor and a smooth buttery texture. Late July.

Duchess D'Angouleme

AKA Duchess. When well-ripened, it has hints of bergamot flavor. Very large fruit originating in France. Circa 1808. Early November.


Outstanding flavor and texture in a medium-sized pear. A Belgian variety. Mid-October.


Extremely juicy with a super-rich flavor. A cross between Bartlett by Josephine de Malines developed at the New York State AES. Circa 1923. Mid-September.

Harrow Sweet

Very sweet. Mid-October.

Harvest Queen

Very similar to Bartlett, but slightly smaller fruit. Developed by the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Harrow, Ontario. Circa 1982. Early August.


A large fruit developed by the New York State AES. Circa 1974. Early November.


A small pear with a very sweet and rich flavor. Early October.


Just barely fruiting - not enough info yet!