“Florina Flo” Comic Strip??

Shall we take a journey down memory lane to our childhood today?

Back in the day, when we all chewed gum, Bazooka was quite a thing. Pink, perfumy, rock-hard at first (usually), we dug in anyway and then attempted to blow bubbles with it. At least for this chewer, bubble-blowing seemed rather tricky with Bazooka.

But then Bubble Yum came out, and how the world of bubblegum was changed forever! Easy-peasy it was to blow bubbles with that one. And the flavor lasted a lot longer than Bazooka, too. But it didn’t come with the silly little Bazooka Joe inside-the-wrapper comic strips, which was kind of a bummer.

In any case, we, like most adults, I think, outgrew our bubblegum fixation at some point, and we thought that was that.

Until along came Florina apples…

The first year we had a crop of Florina we watched as they ripened up and eagerly tasted the first apple.

Immediately, on first bite, Farmer Ike exclaimed “It’s like bubblegum!”

He wasn’t really refering to the typical Bazooka or Bubble Yum Flavor, but the fact that it was very sweet and perfumy (and heck, the pink color lends itself to the comparison)….so the name, well, stuck.

From there on out, everyone’s been calling Florina “The Bubblegum Apple”, which is fun and intriguing for kids, to be sure! But try as you might, you’ll not blow bubbles with this one – I’ve tried, and it works waaaayyy worse than Bazooka.

Florina has a lovely sweet and perfumy flavor and a very nice crunch and is quite juicy. A delight, really. No bubbles, but hey – who cares.

But it would be REALLY cool to have some comic strips to go with it, right? Instead of Bazooka Joe, maybe Florina Flo?

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