Go for the Gold: Golden Supreme

If the closest you’ll ever get to Olympic Gold is by handling your TV remote, then here’s an easier way to feel you’ve won that special gold….by crunching into a Golden Supreme apple!

This bright apple is a delight to the tastebuds at this time of year, when you’re still thinking peaches, but there’s (finally) starting to be a little bit of chill in the air overnight to ease you into true apple season.

By “bright”, I mean not only the lovely color, but also the flavor and crunch. This sweet-ish apple has great ‘mouth feel’, if you will, but it is not so rock-hard that you have to work at it. A nice crunch, a lovely amount of juice, and its bright but not overly-sweet flavor is a lovely treat for the late days of summer. In the perfect specimen, you may detect hints of honey or fruity pear in its well-balanced dance of flavors. It is great as a snack, in the lunchbox for the back-to-school crowd, and is lovely served up as slices with some of your favorite cheese either before or after dinner.

As golds go, we have a number of them coming along this season. Gold/yellow colored apples tend to have quite delightful flavors.

As for other Olympic medals? Well, sure – we have bronze apples, if you consider some of the russeted varieties and others. A silver? Well, no – hints of gray/silver would perhaps be way too weird for an apple. But if it’s gold you’re after, we’ll have plenty this season, and Golden Supreme always wins a prize for being the first real beauty out of a field of many.

Enjoy going for the gold – no training required!


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