Our cider is fresh pressed each week during fall using our own fruit. It is flash pasteurized and has no preservatives added, so it is great to drink fresh or make hard cider with (if you’re into that kind of thing!).

Refrigerate after purchase, and it will keep up to a week or 10 days. Cider can also be frozen for year-round use (or if you can’t drink it all very fast) . Make sure you pour a couple inches out of the top of the jug before you put it in the freezer to prevent leakage when the cider expands as it freezes.

Apple Cider:

Made with our own apples, each batch (with the exception of our Gold Rush varietal cider in the fall) is made of a mix of apple varieties, and each blend is carefully crafted for the best possible flavor. Enjoy it cold, spiced and heated, spiked, or to use with many fantastic recipes. Check in with us each week for the blend and flavor characteristics!

Asian Pear Cider:

Asian pear cider is light-bodied and super sweet, making it a favorite among kids and for those with a sweet tooth. Made entirely with our own Asian pears, it is also great to spike with your favorite ‘adult’ beverage, and is luscious when spiced and heated.