Pick of the Week: Garlic!

Garlic has the reputation of keeping vampires at bay. I wonder if that’s because WE love it so much we can’t bear the notion that vampires would. Or maybe it’s all an excuse to drape ourselves in ropes of amazing garlic? Or maybe vampires are really sensitive to garlic breath?

In any case, everyone knows that garlic is the start of all things good in the kitchen – if you’re cooking a meal anyway. I’m not too sure it would be a great start to a pie (oh wait, there’s this) or cake (how about this!).

Garlic-growing is pretty nifty. You take the cloves (yep, the part you use in cooking), plant them in late fall and let them grow all winter and spring. Then come July, it’s harvest time.

Check out this short video of our garlic harvesting, drying, and cleaning projects.

Somehow, we always manage to do those chores on some of the hottest days of the year. But it’s ok, because we know the end result is worth it. Not only are we psyched for awesome meals, but we (and the whole farm, quite frankly) are so covered in perfume-de-garlic that we have no fear of vampires whatsoever!

Go garlic crazy this week and in the weeks to come. Our German White hardneck garlic will WOW your eyes with it’s beautiful size and later at home will WOW your tastebuds with amazing flavor. And then you need not fear vampires either!

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