Pick of the Week: Winecrisp!

Winecrisp is a complex, crunchy, sweet, and very hard apple with a fruity sweet flavor (with hints of berry!) and a beautiful dusky red skin.

When we planted this new variety, it was simply known as Co-op 31 (the poor nameless thing). We only planted one tree, just to try it out. There’s nothing too exciting-sounding about “Co-op 31”, so who wants to risk planting more than one of them?!

With the first apple, came our “Wow!”….so we planted a lot more of them.

We couldn’t let them remain nameless or as “Co-op 31”, however, so we dubbed them “Emperor”. We are quite challenged in the naming department, as you may know. I honestly don’t remember why we called them that, either. Desperation and first-thing-that-popped-to-mind before going to market, perhaps.

A few years later, the breeder named them “Winecrisp”, which of course is an infinitely better and much more appropriate name; why didn’t we think of that?? The main problem with that name, however, is people often see it and think “Winesap”…and this apple isn’t anything like a Winesap. However, it is so yummy, we always figure that if anyone thinks they’re getting and biting into a Winesap, although they may be surprised at the sweetness, they are likely to fall in love with this one and happily munch away regardless.

Farmer Ike says of Winecrisp: “It is just a damned fine apple!”

So try one (or three or more) this week, and see why he thinks so. Our feeling is that after one bite, you may not want to share!

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