The Return: A Story for Earth Day

You’ve heard of the Lorax who spoke for the trees,
And of the Oncler, who made thneeds which everyone needs.
I heard of them too, a long time ago –
And now there’s a new story I want you to know.

The story of a young boy, who caught in his hand
A small and rare seed, with the command
To care for and nurture it without any flack,
So that one day the Lorax and his friends might come back.

And so that young lad, with the goal in his mind
Set off in the world, hoping to find
The most perfect, splendiferous, wonderful place
To raise his one seed – at its mighty slow pace.

A small bit of land he finally found,
With a tiny house that seemed quite sound.
But before all his permits could be signed, late one night,
He saw through his window a terrible sight.

Every neighbor from miles around
Was shouting and picketing, “Not in MY town!”
The leader of the group, a tyrant named Zopen,
Stomped up to the lad’s door and pushed it on open.

“We will not have you planting those trees ’round here!”
Shouted Zopen, right up close to the young man’s ear.
“We good folk moved out here for the great open spaces,
We can’t have you filling up all of these places.
Why, a forest of trees will spoil our view –
So take your puny seed and get going, you’re through!”

With heavy heart and leaden feet
Our would-be hero took again to the street.
For mile after mile, past developments of housing,
Everyone he met put up the same grousing.

Nobody wanted trees filling up all the places
That at the moment were huge vast open spaces.
“What about our tennis, what about our golf –
Where would we put our soccer fields?” they’d cough.

And for mile after mile, throughout the whole land,
All the folks felt like this; it was quite out of hand.
For days and weeks, months and a year,
He continued his quest with nary a tear.
For the boy knew that someday he’d find
Somebody, somewhere who was in his right mind.

Finally one day the boy saw an rickety old homestead,
And knocked on the door to ask for some bread.
The house was empty, ‘tho it contained a small note,
Which the owners had obviously hastily wrote:

“We’re off” it read, “Don’t come looking for us.
We’re off to the city on a big Greyhound bus.
We were not well-off; we wanted more money
Than we ever could get selling cornbread and honey.

So, you who desire it, please be our guest –
Stay the whole night for a much needed rest.
In fact, you can stay and live at this place,
If you want to avoid the great big rat race.
Good bye, good luck – we’re gone forever.
We wish you the best for your life’s endeavor.”

So the lad looked around, nearly out of his mind.
This was just the place he was hoping to find!
A small tract of land, with valleys and hill –
Just needed some work – he could and he will!

For five long years the lad labored ’til sore
Improving the land – for he had to be sure
That everything was ready for his one perfect seed
So that all would come back – the Lorax in lead.

At last the day came; it was just perfect weather
To plant that one seed within the valley and heather.
When he had planted the seed after all those long years,
He then watered it in well with his pent-up tears.

“Oh, please little seed – please pretty please grow.
For I want all people in the world to know…
Of the wonder and beauty of Truffula Trees,
And of all the fine creatures which everyone needs.”

Now, as I’m sure that all of you certainly know,
Truffula seeds take a long time to grow.
But that young lad, he had patience for years,
And as the time passed, he shed fewer tears.

For finally – at last! – that little seed sprouted
And the young man was so thrilled and happy he shouted,
“Hurray, hurrah! I’ve waited so long!
Grow little tree, grow – mighty and strong!”

And after that first tree, more started to grow
Even more quickly, and don’t you just know –
That soon that whole little valley was loaded
with beautiful trees whose colors exploded.

Suddenly the young man heard a small sound.
And saw the Lorax smiling at him when he turned around.
“You have done it, my lad!” the Lorax said gladly.
“You have started righting the things that had gone so badly.”

“Look, up above! The swammy swans are back
Soaring in clear air without any flack!
And look over there, where the cute Barbaloots
Are joyfully eating fresh Truffula fruits.
Even the humming fish are back in little clear pools
Which were once only full of nasty green ooze!”

“Say – hold on – what’s going on around here?”
Yelled a man suddenly in the young man’s ear.
“You remember me, don’t you?” said the man named Zopen.
“I insisted that you keep all of our big spaces open!”

“But now, golly gee, I find I’m amused –
I’m startled, surprised, and mostly confused.
Why what do I see cavorting down over there?
Those things covered with scales, feathers, and hair?”

“Why – they’re animals, sir!” the young man proudly said.
“Although soon it is time that they retire to bed.
And this is the Lorax, who speaks for the trees.”
And at that small pronouncement, Zopen fell to his knees.

“These are trees? These?” asked Zopen in wonder.
“Oh my, oh my, but we have made a big blunder.
These trees are so beautiful, so mighty, so pure –
We must have them; we must plant some more!”

“Why, not only the trees, with the clear air they bring,
But we must have more of those other wonderful things.
Animals, you say? We must have some more.
They will cheer our hearts, which have lately been sore.”

“For we have been missing something for quite a long time
Which we thought must be hidden amongst the smog and the slime.
But now I know what’s been missing; it’s simply this!
This living stuff – these animals – this is pure bliss!”

At that, the Lorax smiled and quietly turned away.
The lad asked, “Where are you going? You just got here today!”
“I’m not needed here, boy; my job is all through.
Saving this world is now up to you.”

And with that, the little guy suddenly vanished.
“We can do it!” exclaimed Zopen, “I’m famished-
For beauty and nature and clean air and critters,
I’m so excited about it, it gives me the jitters!”

So our young man and that now-reformed Zopen
Began a big campaign, and soon it was open.
Suddenly everyone saw the beauty of trees
And of clean air and critters and even of bees.

All over the land, trees were planted and grew
And were admired all over by people who knew
That NONE of us need any of those darn fool Thneeds,
You see, it is NATURE that everyone, everywhere needs!

Created by Lisa in awe and respect of both Dr. Suess (Theodor Geisel) and the planet Earth
Please read or re-read the original
“The Lorax” by Dr. Suess
available on Amazon

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