Top Ten Apples In the Universe!

What do you think – do any of those apples make it on your personal Top Ten list? What other varieties really float your boat? To make this easier, we have made an Apple Passport, so you can keep track of your tasting notes, just like we do. You can pick one up at the farmers’ market (CSA members will receive one the first share week).

We get the question all of the time: “What is your favorite apple?”

Ike says something to the effect of “It’s the one I’m eating”. Which is true in his case. He has to sample and evaluate over 400 varieties of apples during the growing season. So if he’s chosen an apple to actually eat rather than just sample (like the old taste-and-spit method wine makers use), then you know it’s one he really likes.

Lisa will often say one or the other is on her Top Ten list. Here’s her list (in no particular order – that’s too hard- but just recently she made Rubinette and Gold Rush her official favorites!)

1. Silken
2. Sansa
3. Winecrisp
4. Stellar
5. Crimson Gold
6. Golden Russet
7. Hudson’s Golden Gem
8. Gold Rush
9. Ludicrisp
10. Rubinette

Interestingly, most of those Lisa listed are yellow, gold, or have a high percentage of those colors on them. The exceptions being Winecrisp which is so dark red it’s nearly black, and Ludicrisp which again is dark red an speckly. If you are familiar with these varieties, you’ll also know they are sweet (‘cept maybe early-season Gold Rush), hence you know where Lisa’s tastes lie as well.

It’s a shame that in commercial apple sales, yellow apples are much maligned. Indeed it can be hard to convince a new-to-North Star customer to even try a yellow apple, so ruined they have been on very icky Golden Delicious. You cannot judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge an apple by its color.

Here are some staff favorites!
Paige: Hudson’s Golden Gem and Golden Russet
Justin: Adam’s Pearmain
Abel: Pristine and very ripe Golden Supreme
Josh: Sweet 16 and Keepsake
Chris: Sansa and Pristine
Sarah: Golden Harvey
Kevin: Monolith
Hannah: Dave’s Delight and Golden Russet
Kelly: Golden Russet
Stephanie: Hudson’s Golden Gem and Gold Rush


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