Weirdo of the Week: Heirloom Tomatoes!

With names like Cherokee Purple and Malachite Box, heirloom tomatoes certainly fit the bill for being true weirdos. Plus, check out that skin! Those aren’t unripe tomatoes folks, but the natural hue for these funky fruits. Some of those purpley red Cherokees do have some slightly unripe green shoulders, but they catch up with the rest of the ripe tomato in nearly no time.

In this heat, we’re always looking for quick, easy no heat dinner ideas. Gazpacho fits the bill, so long as you don’t try to make a bloody mary out of it (though that’s not such a bad idea if you’re into that).

To mix up the typical bread and tomato salad, try this savory bread pudding. Garlic and coconut milk bring a roasted tomato soup to life. or, just get really weird and make this asian-inspired tomato and plum granita. Mmm…tomato slushy! Enjoy your heirlooms, this week’s weirdo.

For more background about tomatoes and how to care for and use them, look here.
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