Weirdo of the Week: Potatoes!

So I must live under a rock, or I wouldn’t have missed potatostock 2014. This guy asked kickstarter for $10 to make potato salad and raised nearly $56,000! That’s a lot of potato salad. What sounded like a joke ended up as a huge assist for Central Ohio non-profits working to end hunger and homelessness, a great cause!

If you want some other creative ways to use up this week’s haul of delicious spuds, you can of course boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew (as the hobbits say), but what else? First up, try hasselback baked potatoes. No, not Hasselhoff, but you can make these impressive looking potatoes just as cheesy with a lot less work! I like putting some breadcrumbs on these so they get all crispy and crunchy in the oven.

Still too plain jane? Well, you love pizza, you love potatoes, make those worlds collide with potato crust pizza. It’s like hash browns and pizza all in one! This is great news for folks who aren’t doing gluten these days. And for dessert…potato truffles, what? I suppose most anything dipped in chocolate would taste good though! We know spuds are fantastic on their own, but try something new. Who knows,maybe this chocolate potato cake really is the bee’s knees!

For more background about potatoes and how to care for and use them, look here.
For even more recipes, look here.

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