Weirdo of the Week: Summer Squash!

Summer squash, so called due to their short (relative to winter squash) shelf life and delicate skins, always seem to boom ‘till we’re almost up to our necks in them, then poof! No more zucchini and yellow squash. How to keep that bounty interesting, you ask? Here we go!

Here’s a crazy sounding mock apple crisp, using squash in place of apples, inspired by the Rossi family from our CSA. You can add some apples to the mix, but if you don’t no one will suspect! Here on the farm, thanks to harvest manager Paige, once the squash start rolling in, there’s no shortage of zucchini brownies gracing our countertops.

As we saw in our cabbage post, bacon can be a game changer, as is the case for this zucchini quiche. Swap sour cream for the creme fraiche to make it easier on yourself. Another super easy savory option is to make some “fries” out of that squash, or an easy no bake raw salad. Cool and weird, just how we like it!

For more background about summer squash and how to care for and use it, look here.
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