Johnny Appleseed for Grownups: It was all about Hard Cider!

At this time of year, school kids across the county get treated to the story of Johnny Appleseed…that guy of old who walked around the country with a cooking pot on his head, spreading apple seeds hither and yon. Sometimes, the kids get treated to a trip to an orchard, but they usually at least make some pretty red construction paper apples, or make some apple prints, and munch on a Red Delicious or Honeycrisp in the process.

But we grownups….WE know the REAL story. Sure, good ol’ Johnny Appleseed was getting a bunch of new apple trees out and about across the country at the time. But the goal was hard cider, not Red Delicious. Join us for a special day of hard cider tasting and education at the farm on Saturday, November 11th and taste some of the newest batches of Chester County hard cider…including a blend of apples from NSO!

Because of course, way back in the day, various water supplies weren’t necessarily safe. So people (of all ages, including kids) drank a lot of hard cider (maybe that’s why they refer to it as “the good old days”??). Plus…out in the ‘frontier’ of this early country, many people had room enough on their property for their own little orchard…providing both food and the ubiquitous hard cider in the process.

Nowadays, of course, we’re seeing a big resurgence in interest in hard cider. There’s a lot of cideries springing up all over. We welcome to North Star, the owners of Chester County’s newest cidery, Dressler Estate, as they come to present a most interesting and tasty class at the farm this fall!

Learn about the history and techniques of hard cider production and the basics of the fermentation process including apple selection, yeasts, managing the fermentation, racking, fining, filtering, and bottling.

You’ll be guided through a sensory analysis of cider, just like the instructors learned to during their week-long Cider and Perry Academy certification. You’ll go home with a better ability to appreciate craft cider, as well as some knowledge to try and make your own too!

During the class we will taste Dressler Estate’s flagship cider, Modern Still, as well as a custom batch made just for this class with apples grown right here at NSO!

We will provide some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy during this class. 

For complete information, and to make your reservation, look here.

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