The classic salad green. We grow a wide variety of types – there’s something here for everybody!



Care & Storage:
Fresh lettuce will stay crisp and fresh for about ten days if properly stored. First, do a quick rinse and spin out excess moisture. You can either tear the lettuce into bite-sized pieces or leave the heads whole (it will store longer if you keep them whole).  The key to longevity is putting the lettuce in a plastic bag and then squeezing out all, or nearly all, of the air before sealing the bag.  This will involve scrunching the lettuce, but it’ll fluff right up again when you remove it from the bag.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Everyone knows how to use lettuce for a salad. It also makes a great decorative garnish for dishes, and tastes delicious in sandwiches. Large leaves make great wraps instead of using tortillas, if you’re watching your carbs.


Jericho (a romaine variety)
Nancy (butterhead lettuce)
Adriana (butterhead lettuce)
Panisse (green oakleaf lettuce)
Salanova (salad mix)


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