We grow green Tropea onions. Delicious raw, sauteed, or roasted!



Care & Storage:
Green onions (those harvested in the spring and summer) don’t keep long. They should be stored in the fridge and used quickly, within a week or two.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Tropea onions can be sauteed for use in any number of dishes (garlic and onions are the start of all things good!). Roasting them with other veggies or on the grill is a delight (add them to your shish kebob skewer!)

Nifty Facts:
Onions probably originated in the Middle East, and date back to 3200 B.C. The ancient Egyptians saw the concentric circles of the onion as a symbol of the universe and treated it as an object of worship. Oh, the Mighty Onion!





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