Tender and delicious, eggplant in all shapes and colors can be used in a wide variety of dishes.



Care & Storage:
Keep eggplant refrigerated, and use it fairly quickly – within a week or so – as it doesn’t like to be stored too long.

Easy Prep Ideas:
Eggplant comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but all can be used interchangeably in recipes. It can be used peeled or unpeeled, depending on personal preference, but is always best cooked. Try it baked, stuffed, sauteed, steamed, made into a puree, grilled, fried . . . that’s seven basic cooking methods right there. Try a different one each week!

Tips & Tricks:
Eggplant itself doesn’t freeze well, but you can always freeze pre-made dishes with eggplant, such as ratatouille, baba ghanouj, soups, or eggplant parmesan.



For more info and great ideas, check out our Weirdo of the Week post on eggplant!

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